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Hairline will be taking a break in 2013. We will be back in 2014 with new features and reviews.

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1. A very slender line.
2. The lower edge of the hair, especially along the upper forehead
3. Online Edinburgh Fringe Festival Magazine that in its 12 years has grown into one of the top Fringe review websites.

Yes! The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is back, which means that Hairline is here to provide you with the best review coverage possible. The whole event fills us with joy and we believe the Fringe should be a fun experience for everyone.
Our army of dedicated Hairline reviewers are already out in force and keen to bring you the best coverage possible.
Hairline has gone through many changes over the years but we have always aimed to keep our standards high. Our key objective has remained the same too: to give you fair, consistent and honest reviews, covering as wide a selection of styles and genres as possible, and to make you aware not just of the big hitters at the Fringe but also to hunt out the hidden gems that are truly worth seeking out.
This work ethic has helped us to become a trusted and respected publication that has grown from humble beginnings to being one of the top go-to Edinburgh Fringe Festival magazines. We want to continue this trend and make 2012 another fantastic festival year.
Join us by sharing your thoughts and opinions, email us your suggestions, follow and chat to us on our Twitter page (@hairlinefringe).
Here’s to another fantastic Fringe!

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